recipe cheesecake

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recipe cheesecake




crush the biscuits and mix with the melted butter. place a cake ring on a plate and spread the biscuit mixture evenly - cool in the fridge.

make the jelly with half the required liquid and leave to cool.   mix cheese with icing sugar – vanilla sugar and crème fraiche,  then add the whipped cream and cooled jelly.  pure the mixture on the biscuits and leave to cool in the fridge over night.

decorate with kiwi fruit and physalis (Chinese Gooseberries) before serving                                  


ingredients in this
recipe cheesecake:

225 gram Digestive biscuits
125 gram butter
200 – 250 gram Philadelphia cheese
100 gram icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
1cup of crème fraiche
¼ litre cream
1 packet lemon jelly